2012-13 Season Dedicated to Fran Rubert



The intramural league is broken down into four age divisions and is coed. 4&5 years, 6&7 years, 8&9 years and 10-12 years. The club has had as many as five travel teams. Travel teams play mainly in the Fall but there is also a supplemental Spring League. Travel teams play mainly on Saturdays and practice during the week. Intramurals play and practice on Sundays.


Soccer games are played in the rain,snow or shine. However in the intramural program we may cancel games because of bad weather. We will play in a light rain or drizzle. When the weather is bad on game day you will be contacted by your coach via a phone chain. If you do not get a phone call show up. Travel teams show up if in doubt.


SHIN GUARDS-both travel and intramural players need to wear. Shin guards are worn under the socks.

SOCCER CLEATS OR SNEAKERS.Travel players must wear cleats. Intramural players 4&5 years can wear sneakers, older players cleats. Make sure cleats fit properly.

SOCCER BALLS- Every player should bring a soccer ball to practice. Age 4&5 size 3 ball, 6 to 9 years size 4, 10 to 12 size 5 ball. Make sure your ball is inflated.

WATER BOTTLE: Make sure every player has some type of refreshment. Water, sports drinks & juices are fine. On hot days drink before the game.

SPORTSMANSHIP: Soccer is a team sport and both at the intramural and travel level we stress the enjoyment of the game while learning the game. After each contest the players will line up and thank each other for playing. Intramural players will recieve a participation award at the end of the season. There will be no tolerance for bad sportsmanship.

JEWELRY: No jewelry is to be worn during the game. Rings,bracelets, ear rings, watches are to be taken off before the game starts. Also no player is allowed to play wth a cast. (Exceptions, doctors note and league directors ok)

UNIFORMS: Uniforms will be supplied to each player. You must wear socks, shorts, shirt that was given to you. Travel players will have alternate shirts in case of conflicts for home games.

WARM CLOTHES: You are permitted to wear long sleaves or turtle necks under your uniform. On travel teams all players should wear the same color. Sweat pants are not allowed in travel play. Younger intramural players can wear sweat pants and sweat shirts under their game shirts.


Travel teams usually will practice twice a week depending on their coach. Intramural teams will practice before their games. Practice is crucial for both intramural and travel players to improve their skill.
For travel players practice is an important part of their season.


The intramural games are a combination of competition and instruction. The 4&5 age division is basically introducing the players to the game and let them play. Games will be played in quarters or halves.No goal keepers with five players per team on the field. The 6&7 division will introduce the use of goalkeepers and play 5 v 5 and will learn the basics of the game. The 8&9 division will have goalkeepers and 6 v 6. These players will start to learn some strategy.